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Classically inspired VCU Fashion Students

In conjunction with the Classical Allure: Richmond Style exhibition, VCU fashion students were given the opportunity to view the Valentine's costume collection and create classically inspired sketches.

As one war ends, another faceoff begins

With the anniversary of Richmond’s 1865 surrender reaching its 150th anniversary this week, the city’s most unique commemoration of the American Civil War sesquicentennial opened at the Valentine on March 26. Working alongside Meg Hughes, Curator of Archives, I have spent the past few months researching, writing, and designing Beard Wars, a photography exhibition juxtaposing ‘then’ and ‘now’ between Civil War imagery and contemporary photography.

Charles W. Smith

To celebrate the artistic work of Charles W. Smith, the Valentine, with the help of Richmond based crowd-funding company Bonfire Funds, has created a shirt featuring Smith’s print "Backyards" (V.59.72.26), a view of iconic Richmond row houses that was named one of the 50 best prints of 1931. Through November 5, you can place your order for this special shirt that introduces the Valentine’s new brand in conjunction with Smith’s work. With an additional donation of $15 or more, you will also become a Valentine Member complete with all of the membership bells and whistles.

RVA50 Object 50 "Rainbow Pride Flag, circa 2010"

Rainbow Pride Flag, circa 2010
Nylon, metal

RVA50 Object 49 "Qipao or Cheongsam, circa 1970"

Qipao or Cheongsam, circa 1970
Worn by Ms. Julie Laghi

RVA50 Object 48 "La Siesta Sign, circa 1982"

La Siesta Sign, circa 1982
Plywood, paint

RVA50 Object 47 "Morning Suit, 1985"

Morning Suit, 1985
Worn by The Honorable L. Douglas Wilder
After Six (manufacturer); The Groom's Corner (retailer)
Polyester, gabardine, wool
V.86.12.01- .05, .07

RVA50 Object 46 "Ella Gordon Valentine Miniature Collection, circa 1985"

Ella Gordon Valentine Miniature Collection, circa 1985
Cabinet: David M. Tyler
V.93.120.02 and .03

RVA50 Object 45 "Pantsuit, c. 1971"

Pantsuit, c. 1971
Worn by Elizabeth B. Bauder
Kimberly (manufacturer); Thalhimers (retailer)

RVA50 Object 44 "Eleanor Parker Sheppard, 1964"

Eleanor Parker Sheppard, 1964
Frank S. Rowley, Jr.
Oil on canvas