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Programs & Tours

Summer Programs

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Summer Enrichment Programs      

The Valentine offers summer programs for ages 4-12 that make Richmond history unforgettable. 

Programs are one hour in length.
Select your own date and time. 

Contact: (804) 649-0711 ext. 317/318 or email

Download the Summer Programs Postcard (pdf)

2015 S
ummer Programs

Hear ye Richmond! (ages 4-6)
From the town crier to the internet, students will explore how we share information and communicate through artifacts, stories, crafts and tongue twisters.

Whose Hat is That? (ages 4-6)
Using our collection of hats, dance and stories, students examine roles in our community from long ago and today.

Three Sisters (age 5-8)
Explore the agricultural and hunting practices of the Eastern Woodland Indians and learn about the Powhatans' reliance on natural resources.

Looked at and Lived in (ages 6-9) ONSITE ONLY
Tour the 1812 Wickham House to locate the shapes and activities that make a house into a home and design a house of your own.

Summer Games and Sunday Toys (ages 6-9)
Play games from the past and learn about the daily life of children in the 1800s.

Buzzing about Neon (ages 7-10) ONSITE ONLY
Looking at the Valentine collection of signs, learn about commercial art in Richmond and the culture of neon signs before creating a sign for your business.

History Mystery (ages 8-12)
Become an archeologist as you sift through a reproduction squirrels nest like one found in the Wickham House. Using recycled materials, create your own nest to show what might be collected in a house today.

Whatchamacallits and Thingamajigs (ages 8-12)
What might this be? Who would have used it? How might it have been used? Children will identify artifacts and learn how museums preserve artifacts.

Figures of Freedom: Program and Walking Tour (ages 8-12) ONSITE ONLY
Beginning with Capitol Square and finishing at 14th and Canal, learn about the people that impacted freedoms in Virginia and the nation. Includes a tour of the First Freedom Center.

Additional walking tours available on our web site


  • $4 per student (Maximum group size is 28)      
  • $65 minimum for onsite programs
  • $75 minimum for offsite programs 
  • Fee assistance available on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, contact 804.649.0711 ext. 317/318 or email