Programs & Tours

Programs & Tours

Summer Programs

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Summer Enrichment Programs      

The Valentine offers summer programs for ages 4-12 that make Richmond history unforgettable. 

Programs are one hour in length and $4 per student unless otherwise noted. There is a minimum of $65 for onsite programs and $75 for outreach (maximum group size is 20  children).  Payment is due on or before scheduled program dates. Administrative fees  will apply for late payment.

2017 Summer Programs*

Whose Hat is That? (ages 4-6)
Using hats, , dance and stories, students examine roles in our community from long ago and today.

Design in Time (ages 4-7)
Play with patterns and colors while exploring shapes and textures found in thehouses we Richmonders live in, the clothes we wear and the art we make. 

Three Sisters (age 5-8)
Explore the agricultural and hunting practices of the Eastern Woodland Indians and learn about the Powhatans' use of natural resources.

Relatively Richmond -  Families-Past and Present  (ages 6-9)ONSITE ONLY 
From the marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas to the  residents moving to the city today, learn about the families who callRichmond home. 

Summer Games and Sunday Toys (ages 6-9)
Play games from the past and learn about the daily life of children in the 1800s.

Buzzing about Neon (ages 7-10) ONSITE ONLY
From candlesticks to neon lights (and beyond), discover materials and technology that Richmonders have used to illuminate their homes and businesses. 

Figures of Freedom: Program and Walking Tour (ages 8-12) ONSITE ONLY
90 minutes/$5 per student
Beginning with Capitol Square, learn about the people that impacted freedoms in Virginia and the nation. Includes a tour of the First Freedom Center.

History Mysteries: Richmond Spies (ages 8-12)
Discover mysteries hidden in the Valentine collection and learn about the spies who called Richmond home.

Under One Roof (ages 8-12) ONSITE ONLY
The 1812 Wickham house was both a workplace and a home. Use artifacts to discover what you can deduce about the lives of the many inhabitants of this historic site

Wickham House and Galleries (modified for all ages)
Summer groups can now enjoy a guided scavenger hunt through the museum galleries and a tour of the 1812 Wickham House (includeds Hands on History experiences in the McGlurg bedroom and Wickkham Cellar).

For reservations and information

call (804).649.077 ext. 317 or email| 1015 E. Clay Street | Richmond, VA 23219

Additional walking tours available on our website


  • $4 per student, unless otherwise noted (Maximum group size is 20 for onsite, 28 for offsite)      
  • $65 minimum for onsite programs
  • $75 minimum for offsite programs 
  • Fee assistance available on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, contact 804.649.0711 ext. 317/318 or email