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Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs      

The Valentine offers summer programs for ages 4-12 that make Richmond history unforgettable. 

Please note that due to renovations in our galleries, all summer programs will be taught as outreach.  We are happy to come to you!

Programs are one hour in length.
Select your own date and time. 

Contact: (804) 649-0711 ext. 317/318 or email

2014 Summer Programs

The following summer enrichment programs for school groups are available in 2014. Download the Flyer (PDF).

Hear ye Richmond! (Ages 4-6)
From the town crier to the internet, students will explore how we share information and communicate through artifacts, stories, crafts and tongue twisters.  

Whose Hat is That? (Ages 4-6)
Using our collection of hats, dance and stories students examine roles in our community from long ago and today.

Flying the Flag (Ages 5-8)
Explore the use of symbols and flags and why they are important. Learn to fold a flag, sing songs and design your own flag to take home.              

Three Sisters (Ages 5-8)
Explore the agricultural and hunting practices of the Eastern Woodland Indians and learn about the Powahtans' reliance on natural resources. 

Summer Games and Sunday Toys (Ages 6-9)
Play games from the past and learn about the daily life of the children in the 1800s. 

Go Figure: History Makers in Richmond (Ages 7-10)
Learn about the famous people that called Richmond home while shaping not only local, but national history. 

History Mystery (Ages 8-12)
Become an archeologist as you sift though a reproduction squirrel nest like one found in the Wickham House.  Using recycled materials, children create their own nest to show what might be collected in a house today.

Whatchamacallits and Thingamajigs (Ages 8-12)
What might this be? Who would have used it? How might it have been used? Children will identify artifacts and learn how museums preserve artifacts.  


  • $75 per program for up to 15 students     
  • Each additional student is $4 (maximum group size is 28)           
  • Fee assistance available on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, contact 804.649.0711 ext. 317/318 or email