Former First Lady of Virginia, Anne Holton

Anne Bright Holton is the wife of United States Senator and former Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine.  She served as First Lady from 2006 to 2010.  Not only was she an Executive Mansion resident as First Lady, but also as a child during her father’s term as Governor from 1970 to 1974. Read more

Former First Lady of Virginia, Roxane Gilmore

Roxane Gilmore was a very busy First Lady of Virginia.  Not only did she hold the demanding role of First Lady, but she was an established college professor at Randolph-Macon as well.  Not to mention, in addition to her busy schedule she had two teenage (at the time) boys and an energetic dog living under the same roof as her too. Read more

Wedding Season at the History Center

The most popular months for weddings are from April to October, and that means that wedding season is right around the corner! The History Center serves as a great location to make your wedding day a historical event whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding. We are also home to over 100 wedding dresses. Read more

Former First Lady of Virginia, Eddy Dalton

Eddy Dalton was First Lady during the administration of Governor Dalton.  As First Lady, Eddy Dalton wrote a cookbook in order to raise money for her project on helping those with mental retardation.  Read more

Former First Lady of Virginia, Lisa Collis

As First Lady, Lisa Collis focused on bringing a brighter future to families and children in Virginia. Collis has done a significant amount of work in various efforts to prevent child abuse in the U.S. Read more