Summer in the River City

Happy Summer Solstice! The weather is warm, the days are long, and Richmond is brimming with fun and exciting things to do this summer! Check out how Richmonders of years past have enjoyed the summer months! Read more

Finding Boston in Richmond

Summer Intern Shaleigh Breen explores the archives to find connections between her new home, Richmond, and her hometown, Boston! You might be surprised to see what she found! Read more

A New Intern Explores the Original Collection of the Valentine

Ever wondered what the Valentine looked like over 100 years ago, and how it’s changed since then? I did! So I did some research into the original collection, sifting through old exhibition catalogs and photographs provided by the wonderful Archives department, and I wanted to share with you a bit of what I found! Read more

From the Vertical Files: Sarah, The Fly Swatter

In June of 1912, the City Health Department and the Richmond Times-Dispatch sponsored a fly-killing contest, in order to raise awareness about the dangers of flies as disease carriers.  Thousands of people all over town entered, including a team of twenty-four Boy Scouts.  However, the winner was a lone swatter: fourteen-year-old Sarah Johnson of Church Hill, who racked up an astounding 689,640 kills. Read more

Framing Richmond

What do the following photographs have in common? Read more