Video Blog: Ginter Park Women’s Club

A digital story by Diana Muggeridge about her journey of personal philosophical development, spurred by examining the 1950s scrapbook of a member of the Ginter Park Women’s Club. Read more

Video Blog: The Ammon’s Family Scrapbook

A digital story by Sarah Styslinger exploring the stories of travel, family, and personal identity found in a scrapbook compiled by a family from rural Virginia during the early 20th century.

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2015 Holiday Events at the Valentine

This media release includes information on the exhibition “Edith Shelton’s Richmond”, the 29th Annual Court End Christmas and the Holiday Glitter: Monument Avenue After Dark Walking Tours.

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Sara Sue

Sara Sue Sherrill Waldbauer was Richmond’s most recognized milliner, who worked from the Amethyst Room in Miller & Rhoads department store.  The south’s largest department store, Miller & Rhoads boasted stores from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.  Sara Sue created works of art from straw, silk, lace, flowers and ribbon, often acquired during her trips abroad. Richmond’s “ladies who lunch” crowd clamored for her creations, which were often inspired by Sara Sue’s travels. Read more

Video Blog: The Scrapbook of Lois Miller Gayle

A Digital Story by Miranda Rosenblum offering a documentary analysis of a scrapbook belonging to an early 20th century Richmond woman who seems to have held very independent and forward-thinking opinions. Read more

Video Blog: Newcomer’s Club Scrapbook

University of Richmond student Emily Kerwin created this video that explores a fascinating Richmond organization: the Newcomers Club of Richmond, established in 1950 in order to “promote interest in civic affairs” and “extend a friendly welcome to all newcomers to Richmond by introducing them to other newcomers and starting them on a new social life in the community.” The scrapbook featured in the video is part of a collection of records related to the Newcomers Club of Richmond that are housed in the Valentine’s Archives. Read more