2017-2018 Richmond History Makers Honorees

Creating Quality Educational Opportunities. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Education
Ashby and Terri Anderson

The Richmond Youth Jazz Guild was founded in 2008 by composer, educator, and artist Ashby Anderson and his wife Terri as a way to bring jazz into the lives of area youth. The Jazz Guild expanded educational opportunities for over 300 students through education and music apprenticeships. Recognized as a national music school, Jazz Guild students have earned over $1.6 million in college and national performing arts scholarships. For nine years, the Richmond Youth Jazz Guild helped ignite passion and creativity in Richmond youth. Watch a video about their work here.


Demonstrating Innovative Solutions. Aligns with CRC Regional Priorities Workforce Preparation, Job Creation, Transportation
Kim Mahan, MAXX Potential

Kim Mahan is the founder and CEO of MAXX Potential, a company that opens doors to transformational careers for people from all walks of life through high-tech apprenticeships. With the help of MAXX Potential, individuals gain real-world work experience in a safe environment with expert mentors. By serving as a much-needed bridge between education and industry, MAXX Potential has served as a first opportunity in tech for countless individuals, many of whom are now paying it forward in the community as mentors, volunteers and high-performing professionals. Watch a video about Kim’s work here.


Encouraging Regional Collaboration. Aligns with any of the eight CRC Regional Priorities
Pam Mines, JP JumPers Foundation

Pam Mines is a philanthropist and the President/Founder of the JP JumPers Foundation. The Foundation’s vision is to “JumP In” to positively impact the special needs community. Her diligent and proactive efforts to pass “JPs Law” (in honor of her son, not in memory of him) impacted not just those with autism and intellectual disabilities, but also their families, law enforcement and the wider community.  Pam’s passion and determination has inspired many to become involved in her effort to remove the stigma of those with special needs. What a video about Pam’s work here.



Championing Social Justice. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Social Stability
Diversity Richmond

Diversity Richmond is the foremost resource for Richmond’s LGBTQ+ community. This non-profit has evolved into a multi-faceted organization while remaining a respected voice for the acceptance of sexual and gender minorities. Diversity Richmond envisions a community where LGBTQ+ citizens are treated with respect and dignity, and their unique gifts are championed and celebrated. Last year, Diversity Richmond partnered with the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia to recognize and celebrate the lives of Richmond’s Black LGBTQ community. Watch a video about Diversity’s work here.


Promoting Stronger Communities. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Healthy Communities
Duron Chavis, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

As the Community Engagement Coordinator for Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and a long-time advocate, Duron Chavis coordinates culturally relevant urban greening and urban agriculture initiatives.  He approaches this work with attention to racial equity and a philosophy focused on working with, not doing for, the community. Duron is focused on lifting up empowered community narratives, building authentic relationships and transforming the environment in sustainable and equitable ways. Watch a video about Duron’s work here.


NEW CATEGORY – Advancing Our Quality of Life. Aligns with CRC Priorities Quality Place, James River, Transportation

CultureWorks ensures our region’s thriving arts and culture community is felt beyond the stage or gallery.  They fulfill their mission to inspire, enable and cultivate world-class arts and culture in partnership with over 200 local nonprofit arts and culture organizations, employers, and regional government. CultureWorks is able to assist different constituents with an array of services, resources and assistance, from funding opportunities to consultation needs, and drives collaboration to unlock a greater impact on the community. Watch a video about CultureWorks here.