610 South First Street, Just Before They Left by Ruth Clide Proffitt

Ruth Clide Proffitt: A Story of Portraits Series

A story of resilience, Ruth Clide Proffitt faced many adversaries her entire life. At the age of five, Proffitt’s mother passed away, causing Ruth to take on the responsibility of raising her siblings. Ruth would spend her life in Richmond, becoming a painter as a means of making money as well as a form of self-expression. Ruth settled in Oregon Hill which became a backdrop and focal point in many of her works. This family portrait paints the peaceful crowded, yet struggling life of the Proffitt family in their Oregon Hill home.

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Meat Juice Love: A Story of Portraits Series

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Time to get your roses and chocolates together for your special someone, but don’t forget the meat juice, specifically Valentine’s Meat Juice. The love story of Mann and Ann Valentine is full of romance, money, and meat.

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