2020 Richmond History Makers


From left to right: Alma Gordon and Amy Godkin (ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation), Jeannette Cordor (Faces of HOPE), Tanya Gonzalez (The Sacred Heart Center), Charles Rasnick, Adele Johnson (Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia), Amy Wentz, Katherine O’Donnell, Enjoli Moon and Josh Epperson (BLK RVA Action Team)


For Creating Quality Educational Opportunities:
Ask Childhood Cancer Foundation

For Championing Social Justice:
Tanya Gonzalez
The Sacred Heart Center

For Promoting Community Health:
Jeannette Cordor
Faces of HOPE

For Improving Regional Transportation:
Charles Rasnick

For Demonstrating Innovative Economic Solutions:
BLK RVA Action Team

For Advancing our Quality of Life:
Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia