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Sweeney’s Claymount

Pottery production is among the earliest of American artisan crafts. Everything needed for the production of pottery was present in Virginia-clay deposits, hardwood for firing kilns, and skilled craftsmen and entrepreneurs. In 1838, Henrico County native Stephen Booker Sweeney bought land on the north side of the James River in Henrico County, adding parcels over the next twenty years to assemble a property he whimsically named Claymount.

The Valentine Announces “Community Conversation Series”

The Valentine is pleased to announce the sixth iteration of the Community Conversations series.
The Greater Richmond community is invited to attend the Community Conversations series to engage with fellow Richmonders in a dialogue about the region’s past and how that past can positively shape our collective future.

Latinos in Richmond: Breaking the Black and White Binary

Latinos in Richmond: Breaking the Black and White Binary is an event organized by University of Richmond with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association. The goal was to inspire Richmonders to take a step forward in breaking the black and white binary by opening the floor for engaging conversation and providing insight for Latin-Americans along with other racial groups.

Meat Juice – Shake Well Before Use

In 1870, the wife of the Valentine founder Mann S. Valentine, Jr. became very ill. Mann created a health drink that was a mixture of egg whites and meat juice (aka Valentine’s Meat Juice) that saved her life, brought him great wealth and ultimately provided him the funds for our original museum artifacts. Thus, the foundation was laid for what you know and love today as the Valentine.