Bad News

It is a world of change and turmoil.

 This is Richmond sculptures

Ebola outbreaks, racial tension, religious intolerance and anti-Semitism, international conflict and war…I spent my Sunday morning with the New York Times, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and morning TV news.

It is a world of change and turmoil.

Somehow the normal weekend tasks of doing the laundry and straightening up the house didn’t seem necessary. But the day changed quickly when I stopped by the Valentine to meet with our staff (yes, they came in on a Sunday morning!) to talk about our Grand Re-Opening next week and my mood shifted.

I found an amazing group of people that are ready to welcome guests to the Valentine and to share their own stories of our city.

I took a quick walk through the new This is Richmond, Virginia exhibition and realized that Richmonders throughout history have faced all of the threats and challenges that assaulted me in yesterday’s news.

Our story is certainly not perfect, but I found in our exhibition powerful objects that challenge and inspire us and embody our best and worst moments.

There have always been Richmonders who have confronted and (sometimes) avoided the issues of their day and of their world.

It is sharing of these important stories that we have worked so hard over the last year to embody in the transformed Valentine.

At the end of the day, I walked through the crowds at the Richmond Folk Festival and, as music from all over the world filled the air, I saw a very different Richmond and I imagined a different world.

Richmond still has important stories to tell.

The Valentine tells these Richmond stories.

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Martin Sig

Bill Martin, Director
The Valentine

P.S. Join today and be part of the grand opening week celebrations (Oct 20-24). A donation of $250+ secures your spot at the special Wednesday night Grand Reopening Celebration.