Board Immersion Program

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Find Your Seat at the Board Table!

The Board Immersion Program provides an orientation to the responsibilities of board service and connects volunteers to nonprofit organizations seeking new talent,  allowing them to “try out” board service without making the commitment to a full board term.

Through a partnership with local nonprofit organizations, Board Immersion participants serve as non-voting, board committee members for one year.


  • attend board meetings
  • actively participate on at least one board committee
  • make a financial contribution to the organization

Benefits of the Experience

Board Immersion participants will be able to:

  • “Try out” board service before making a commitment
  • Receive mentorship and advice from experienced board leaders
  • Discuss their experiences among a group of peers
  • Receive board coaching and support
  • Develop a plan to make your next board experience more impactful and meaningful, based on what you will learn from the experience

Additionally, there may be the potential to officially join a nonprofit board or board committee in the next yearly cycle.

Nonprofit Partners

Application Process

Applications for 2018-2020 will begin in May 2018.

The application consists of two steps:

  • Complete the online application
  • Upload a current resume to the application. Preferred file format is PDF.

Participation Requirements

Participation requires an investment of time and financial resources:

  • Attend 3 Board Immersion Program Group Meetings (Fall, Late Winter, Spring)
  • Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members workshop
  • 75% attendance at board meetings.  Dates will be provided once you are matched with an organization
  • 75% attendance at committee meetings
  • Financial Investments:
    • $50.00 minimum donation to the nonprofit organization or membership
    • $50.00 fee for Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members workshop, if you have not already attended
    • Attendance/Participation in at least 2 fundraising events within the year (cost may vary)