When Travelling was Fun (and Comfortable)!

These photographs from the Cook Collection reveal what train stations in Richmond offered in the early 1900s!

Have you traveled by train lately?  Richmond’s most used train station, the Richmond Amtrak station at Staples Mill Road, can offer the weary traveler many amenities, like restrooms and snack stands. 

Newly uncovered images from the Cook Collection show a different side of travel.  Broad Street Station (now the Science Museum of Virginia) was fully operational by 1919, and was able to offer the traveler many amenities. These included a barber shop, smoking rooms, enclosed waiting rooms, a dining room as well as a bakery, a soda fountain, and news and cigar stands. Take a look for yourself!

Enclosed waiting area
Cook0744, Cook Collection, 1920s

Cigar and News Stand
Cook0738, Cook Collection, 1920s

Chefs setting up the Kitchen
Cook0741, Cook Collection, 1920s

Lunch and Dining Room
Cook0742, Cook Collection, 1920s

Laura Carr
Museum Technician
The Valentine