Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci was an Italian fashion designer who became popular during the 1950’s. Pucci is considered the inventor of the Capri pants, which were extremely popular among teenagers during the 1950s. The designer is well known for psychedelic patterns in a kaleidoscope of colors. His inspiration came from ancient colorful flags.  Early in his career Pucci experimented with stretch fabrics while designing skiwear and swimwear. It wasn’t until the 1960s when Pucci started designing flowing silk jersey dresses and scarves that he is recognized for today.







Women’s printed velvet purse c. 1960
Donor: Mrs. J.D.A. Barr















Women’s bodysuit c. 1970
Donor: Mrs. J.D.A. Barr














Women’s dress
c. 1985
Donor: Alsop

Mallory Smith
Museum Technician
Valentine Richmond History Center