Event FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the fee for facility rental?

Photo: Hunter Henkel

The rental fee includes room and/or garden rental, admission to exhibition galleries, parking lot, use of the Valentine’s table and chair inventory, and a Special Events Associate to facilitate your event.

What about parking?

During events held on weekends or weekdays after 5 PM the Valentine will provide safe convenient parking for up to 25 vehicles using a small lot immediately behind the Museum.  The Valentine will coordinate all arrangements with the commercial parking company that operates this location.   There is no additional fee for this service. Less parking is available for events held on weekdays during regular business hours, however Valentine staff can assist in developing various parking/transportation strategies.

Why must I choose from only your listed caterers?

There are several reasons the Valentine has established relationships with a list of preferred caterers. Most importantly, we can be absolutely confident that your event will run smoothly and that you will enjoy a positive experience with a professional caterer. Second, their preferred status ensures that our caterers will be willing to make an investment in the equipment and supplies necessary to successfully service events at our site. Also, their familiarity with the venue and regular presence shortens the amount of time required for setup and cleanup. Importantly, restricting the number of caterers eligible to work on the property allows us to manage the risks associated with hosting private events. Limiting access to service areas of the building is very important to both our security department and insurance company. Lastly, the details of our contract with the caterers help to subsidize the facility rental program, thereby helping us to keep facility rental fees affordable.

Are there any restrictions on serving alcohol?

All food and beverage service must be coordinated through your approved caterer, which is responsible for compliance with state ABC regulations. All related questions should be directed to your caterer. Groups must contract with one of the Valentine’s catering partners to provide bartender service. Guests attending events may not serve themselves.

Are there any restrictions on amplified music?

The Valentine has no restrictions on amplified music. Many area bands and DJs are familiar with our venue. If yours has not performed here before, we encourage them to visit the site in advance of your event and/or to speak with a member of our staff to ensure that they arrive with appropriate equipment and expectations. There is limited electrical power available in the Valentine garden. Very large bands may require that arrangements be made for placement of a temporary generator.

What hotels are nearest to the Valentine?

Visit a few of the downtown hotel web sites.

How do I reserve the Valentine for the date of my event?

All reservations must be completed a minimum of 30 days in advance of your event.

First, contact us to check the availability of your desired date, discuss your specific needs, fees, and any optional services. Second, contact our preferred caterers to receive information on estimated food/beverage costs. Next, decide upon the necessary start/end times of your event. We will then send you a contract that secures the date and times of your event. Your reservation will be held for two weeks. Before two weeks have passed, sign your contract and return it with your non-refundable deposit. A deposit of 50% of the rental fee is required. If your contract and deposit are not returned after two weeks, your requested date will be released. Your remaining balance is due one month before your event date.

For more information on planning your wedding at the Valentine or any non-wedding private events, contact Peggy Hudert, Facility Rental Manager, at (804) 649-0711, ext. 349, email or fill out our info request form.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Forms of payment accepted – checks, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

If I plan an event in the garden, what will we do if it rains?

Garden rentals always include use of the Valentine’s multi-purpose room for just this purpose. Additionally, the Valentine can arrange for tenting in the garden to guard against the possibility of inclement weather. Tenting is NOT included in the regular fee for rental of the facility. Bridal clients holding their wedding ceremony at the site will be required to reserve sufficient tenting to ensure that their ceremony is protected, even if their reception is held indoors.

How much does it cost to put up tents in the garden?

A variety of tenting configurations are possible in the space. Dependent upon the number of tents erected and size of tents selected, tenting options will range from $400 – $4000. Additional specifics are available by consulting Valentine staff.

How early may my vendors begin making deliveries for my event?

All deliveries and vendor arrivals must occur during the period of time covered by your facility rental contract. Early arrivals may be turned away and you will be subject to additional fees related to extended use of the facility.

Do I need to be a member of the Valentine to rent the facility?

No. Confident that you will have an enjoyable and successful event, the Valentine encourages you and your guests to consider future support of our efforts to preserve and interpret Richmond History. Find out how to become a member.

Can my photographer use a drone to capture pictures at my wedding?

The Valentine is located adjacent to VCU Hospital which operates a nearby helipad.   FAA regulations require your photographer to notify VCU about any scheduled flights in airspace surrounding the hospital.   The Valentine will require a copy of your photographer’s FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC).  Additionally, owing to the high risk of personal injury or property damage, your photographer must also provide a Certificate of Insurance listing Valentine Museum as additional insured.

When will I receive the refund of my damage deposit? Will the refund be faster if I use my credit card?

If no damage is incurred, no late fees are required, and no unpaid balances remain on your account, the damage deposit refund will be processed within 30 days following your event. Refunds will be issued by way of company check. The Valentine is assessed a processing fee by the bank on all credit card transactions including refunds. The additional cost of duplicating this bank processing fee for refunds is NOT covered by the fees for rental of the facility.

Who performs setup and cleanup for my event?

All site setup and cleanup will be performed by staff of the Valentine and your caterer. You are responsible only for collecting your personal belongings at the end of your event and removal of any items delivered or setup by other vendors.

Do you rent the facility to fraternities and sororities?

The Valentine does not rent the facility to undergraduate fraternities or sororities.