Halloween in RVA (1949 -1989) : Part I

Check out these photos to see how Richmonders have celebrated Halloween from 1940s through the 1960s!

Halloween is a unique, fun time in RVA.  Although some costumes, decorations, and traditions have changed, the spirit hasn’t! Take a look at these photos from our online archival collection to see how Richmonders have celebrated Halloween over the past few decades.

Children dressed as a pirate, a witch, and a peasant are accompanied by a black cat in a school hallway.
October 31, 1949
Richmond Times-Dispatch Collection

Children in pajamas and funny hats celebrate Halloween in the rheumatic fever ward at Medical College of Virginia.
November 1, 1957
Richmond Times-Dispatch Collection

Ms. Jones gives candy to children dressed as a skeleton, a clown, and a pirate on her doorstep on Grove Avenue.
October 31, 1962
Richmond Times-Dispatch Collection

A few children dressed in their costumes, including Little Bo-Peep, ask for Halloween treats.
October 25, 1966
Carl Lynn
Richmond Times-Dispatch Collection

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