Holes in the Walls

Well, let’s just open up the walls!


The Valentine Garden is filled these days with folks enjoying their lunch and a break from their busy days. 

How many of our visitors are aware that behind the austere brick walls that surround them are 1.6 million objects that tell the history of the Richmond area?

How would they know about the 1812 John Wickham House or our exhibitions and education programs if they are merely enjoying lunch in the garden?

Well, let’s just open up the walls!

This week our contractors began cutting through the exterior walls and creating new openings that invite people to look in (and hopefully come in). When complete, a new window will tease you with the objects that are displayed in the “This is Richmond, Virginia” exhibition.

An even larger window will visually connect the Edward V. Valentine Sculpture Studio with the galleries. 

While it looks like an ugly hole in the wall now, it’s a window into our past. 

Are you curious about our progress? Join us for a Hard Hat Happy Hour happening every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 p.m. You can contact me for more information or RSVP online and let me know you’ll be coming by.

If you would like to help keep us calm and hammering on, you can support the History Center on our secure donation page at /give.

Bill Martin, Director