I Love My Pet!

Did you know February 20 is Love Your Pet Day?  Animals have been a part of humans’ lives for eons.  They provide comfort, companionship, and sometimes they help with the kids!  Here are just a few of the pets immortalized in the Valentine’s collection.

Mann Valentine, Sr. with his dog in 1855 [X.53.01.41]

Young man with dog, circa 1930 [V.89.296.127]


Lance the Collie and Connie the Dachsund with two unidentified girls [V.50.01.99]


German Shepherd pulling a cartload of kids [V.62.109.07]

The Leahey children show off their pet turtles [P.71.25.09e]


What will you do today to show love to your pet?

Janet Lundy
Museum Technician
Valentine Richmond History Center