Making Connections

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It’s getting fun now. There are people everywhere!

Pipes for the new fire suppression system, ductwork for heating and air conditioning, metal conduit full of electrical wire, stacks of drywall, door frames, and doors fill the spaces.

It’s remarkable the way our folks at Kjellstrom + Lee coordinate all of our sub-contractors as they shape our new galleries. Each element of the mechanical infrastructure must be precisely placed within the constraints of the exisiting building.

While all of these intricate systems will soon disappear behind the walls, we are depending on these hidden connections of pipes and wires to support all of the activities and exhibitions that we are planning.

In many ways this phase of construction is a reflection of the work we hope to do in our community and in these new spaces.

          • Can we actually bring together the complex and interdependent elements of our history and build a new narrative that connects us in new ways?
          • What are the hidden stories that have held our community together that can guide us today?

Making these connections will ensure the sustainability of the Valentine and of our region. 

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Bill Martin, Director