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The contractors told us there would be surprises–and they were right!

Rendering of the Multi-Purpose Room.


The contractors told us that there would be surprises and they were right.

Last week as the contractors were removing the existing wiring in what you might remember as the Neon Gallery, they soon realized that there was more going on under the floor than we had expected. We discovered that under the floor boards was a network of electrical outlets that at some time in the past had been covered by another layer of floor boards. It is not a good thing to cover an outlet as it presents a fire hazard.

As a result of this discovery, we have opted to remove the majority of the existing floor boards on the ground level. While this was not in the plans, the flooring in our new event space will now flow smoothly to the adjourning spaces (and not electrocute our guests) and will also allow us to address moisture problems that were also discovered.

This new multi-purpose space will allow us to host seated dinners for 75 and 150 standing for receptions and various other gatherings.

The ground level will also feature an area for brides to prepare themselves before their ceremony. Next to the multi-purpose area will also be the Klaus and Reynolds Costume and Textile Galleries.

For our continued growth and long-term sustainability, we will need to significantly increase our earned income. The special events and facility rentals that will be hosted in this newly renovated space are all key elements of this plan.

I just wonder what the next discovery (or change in plans) will bring.

Are you curious about our progress? Join us for one of our Hard Hat Happy Hoursthat occur every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 p.m. You can contact me for more information or RSVP online and let me know you’ll be coming by.

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Neon Room
The former Neon Gallery after all of the floor and wiring was removed.


Electrical outlets
The electrical outlets that were removed from the layers of flooring in the former Neon Gallery.



–Bill Martin, Director