Power to the People

The renovations include complete replacement of the electrical system.


In addition to the replacement of our heating and air conditioning, the renovations include the complete replacement of the electrical system.

In all of the work that we are doing, the biggest challenge is trying to create spaces that will not only support our current plans but will also provide flexibility for future generations of curators and educators.

We hope that the new wires being pulled throughout the building will provide the necessary energy for the future. We cannot anticipate all of the future technology changes that we will need to make to remain relevant.

Who would have imagined 30 (or even 10) years ago the role that the internet plays in our lives today?

The one thing that we do know is the real source of our power.  No matter what technology, what energy source…the real source of our power is the stories of the city contained in the 1.6 million objects that we hold for Richmond’s next generation.

Are you curious about our progress? Join us for one of our Hard Hat Happy Hours that occur every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 p.m. You can contact me for more information or RSVP online and let me know you’ll be coming by.

If you would like to help keep us calm and hammering on, you can support the History Center on our secure donation page at  /give.

-Bill Martin, Director