Summer Internship FAQ

When is the application deadline?

Applications will open on January 1st, 2018. The deadline for summer internships  11:59pm  on March 1, 2018.

Who can apply for a summer internship?

We accept applications from students currently enrolled in an undergraduate, certificate or graduate program.  Recent graduates are also welcome to apply – but if you have been out of school for 9 months or more, we encourage you to learn about our volunteer opportunities, instead.

How soon will I hear about the status of my application?

We will begin reviewing applications on March 2nd and will set up interviews (phone/facetime/skype/in person) with finalists in mid-March.  It is our hope to have word out to selected candidates around the 1st  or 2nd week in April.

Do I have to apply to three different departments?

No, but it can’t hurt. Sometimes when we review applications we find that candidates may be a better fit for their second or even third choice. What is most important is that you provide a concise explanation for your choice(s).

Should I select a funded or unfunded internship?

That is up to you and your specific situation. Some schools may provide their own stipend while other programs may not allow students who receive course credit to accept a stipend. Check with your department advisor or your university’s career services department before you apply.

Each year the Kip Kephart Foundation provides a $1000 stipend to students applying to work in Archives, General Collections, HR/Finance and Public Relations. Unfunded opportunities are available in all those departments along with Fundraising and Development, Public Programs and Education and the Museum Registrar.

What is an internship at the Valentine like?

It depends where you work!  That being said, our internships are project based –  meaning we want you to work autonomously to see a project (or parts of a bigger project) through from start to finish.  Of course, some administrative work is part of any job, but you won’t be spending your summer filing papers.  We want you to leave your internship  with experiences, skills and tools that will serve you well in your career.  Interns at the Valentine, work hard but also have fun. During the summer we hold intern only events, like breakfasts and walking tours, so that you all can socialize with each other and also learn a little bit more about Richmond and what we do here at the Valentine.