The Valentine offers hands-on, interactive student programs for the academic year that enhance classroom instruction and make history come alive. Click here to request a program today!

Funding is available for Federally Funded and VPI+ classrooms in addition to title one and Richmond Public Schools.  For more information, please contact

Early Childhood School Programs

The Valentine offers summer programs for prek students which combine Richmond history with stories, crafts and even science and math!

Programs are one hour in length and $4 per student unless otherwise noted. There is a minimum of $65 for onsite programs and $75 for outreach (maximum group size is 20  children).  Payment is due on or before scheduled program dates. Administrative fees will apply for late payment.

Here Ye Richmond!

From the town crier to the internet, students will explore how we share information and communicate through artifacts, stories crafts and tongue twisters.
COST: $4 per student
TIME: 1 hour
SOL: K1, K2, K3, K8, K10
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Whose Hat is That?

Using our collection of hats, stories and dance, students examine roles in our community through hats from long ago and today.
COST: $4 per student
TIME: 1 hour
SOL: K1, K2, K3, K8
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On Changing Community

Trades and recreation activities of early Richmond residents are examined through artifact investigations, games and a craft.
COST: $4 per student
TIME: 1 hour
SOL: K1, K2, K3, K7, K8
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Early Childhood Summer Programs

Whose Hat is That?

Using hats, , dance and stories, students examine roles in our community from long ago and today.

Ages 4-6

Design in Time

Play with patterns and colors while exploring shapes and textures found in thehouses we Richmonders live in, the clothes we wear and the art we make.

Ages 4-7

Three Sisters

Explore the agricultural and hunting practices of the Eastern Woodland Indians and learn about the Powhatans’ use of natural resources.

Ages 5-8

Reservations & Information


  • $4 per student, unless otherwise noted (Maximum group size is 20 for onsite, 28 for offsite)
  • $65 minimum for onsite programs
  • $75 minimum for offsite programs
  • Fee assistance available on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, contact 804.649.0711 ext. 317/318 or email