“Richmond Stories” Radio Show & Podcast

Tune-in to the Valentine’s radio show Richmond Stories every first and third Friday of the month at 11:30 a.m. on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond’s Independent Radio. Richmond Stories is also available for download as a podcast on Soundcloud HERE and soon, on all major podcast apps.

Richmond Stories is a show about a city. Presented by the Valentine, the only museum dedicated to sharing Richmond’s challenging history, Richmond Stories uses conversations with change-makers, advocates, leaders and residents to explore the past, present and future of this (very) complicated place we call home.

Richmond Stories Episode 1: 

In the inaugural episode of Richmond Stories, Bill Martin and Eric Steigleder sit down with Laura Browder and Patricia Herrera of the University of Richmond and advocate Deidre Johnson to talk about the Valentine’s new exhibition Voices from Richmond’s Hidden Epidemic, Richmond’s ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis, racial disparities and the importance of telling your own story on your own terms. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 2: 

In this episodeBill and Eric are joined by Christina Vida, the Valentine’s Curator of General Collections, and Willie Dell, the first black woman to serve on Richmond City Council. While Christina discusses the tumultuous history of voting rights in Richmond and what that reveals about the city today, trailblazer Willie Dell talks about her experiences with the political process in 1970s Richmond, her time on city council and what kind of city she hopes Richmond can be. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 3: 

Bill and Eric have a conversation the VMFA’s Dr. Sarah G. Powers about their recently-closed Hopper exhibition, Hopper’s visits to Richmond and what his work says about the significance of the American hotel. Then they spoke with Tamera Harris, who does Community Relations with Richmond Region Tourism, about the past, present and future of hotels in Richmond and how this necessity of travel has a fascinating history here in the River City. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 4: 

In this special Richmond History Makers-themed episode, Bill and Eric talk with two 2020 RHM honorees: Jeannette Cordor, the Founder/CEO of Faces of HOPE and Enjoli Moon, a member of the BLK RVA Action Team. These community leaders talk about their inspiration, their innovative work and what drives them to make the Richmond Region a better place to live. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 5: 

In the first episode recorded during quarantine, Bill and Eric talk about Richmond’s experience during the 1918 flu pandemic, parallels with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Valentine’s past Pandemic: Richmond exhibition. They are joined by Dr. Elizabeth Outka, professor of English at the University of Richmond and author of Viral Modernism: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature and Meg Hughes, Director of Collections/Chief Curator at The Valentine. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 6: 

Business-owner, host of Coffee with Strangers and RVA Change Agent Kelli Lemon joins Bill and Eric to talk about being a Black business owner during COVID-19, how Black businesses are coping with the economic and social impact of the pandemic and much more. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 7: 

Bill and Eric are joined by Dr. Joseph DiPiro, Dean of VCU’s School of Pharmacy, to talk about the changing role of pharmacists during the pandemic, the history of patent medicines (including Valentine’s Meat Juice) and how the VCU School of Pharmacy is preparing the next generation of pharmacists. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 8: 

As protests continue across Richmond focused on racial justice, Bill and Eric are joined by longtime local advocate Beth Marschak and activist, photographer and VCU student Destyni Khuns-Gray. Their conversation explores the past and present of political activism and protests in the city. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 9: 

In this episode, Bill and Eric are joined by Deputy Director of the American Civil War Museum Stephanie Arduini and Chief Wonder Officer at the Science Museum of Virginia Rich Conti to talk about reopening museums in the age of COVID-19, ensuring visitor safety and the important role museums can play during this historic moment in our community. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 10: 

On the tenth episode of Richmond Stories, Bill and Eric talk about rapid change on Monument Avenue, last year’s General Demotion/General Devotion exhibition which featured conceptual redesigns of this challenging boulevard, the “Rumors of War” installation and where the community goes from here. Valerie Cassel Oliver, the Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the VMFA and Camden Whitehead, architect and Associate Professor of Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University joined for this important conversation. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 11: 

This week, the Valentine opened Ain’t Misbehavin’: 1920s Richmond, an exhibition exploring a decade of innovation, social change and conflict through the lens of fashion. But what was Richmond like in the 1920s? For some important context, we’re joined by Ajena C. Rogers, Supervisory Park Ranger at the Maggie Walker Historic Site to talk about the city 100 years ago, Maggie Walker’s experiences during that decade and what the 1920s can tell us about Richmond today. Listen HERE.

Richmond Stories Episode 12: 

Ain’t Misbehavin: 1920s Richmond is the Valentine’s newest exhibition. This week on the Richmond Stories radio show, Kristen Stewart, the Nathalie L. Klaus Curator of Costume and Textiles, joins Bill and Eric to explore this timely and beautiful exhibition where the history doesn’t just speak, it roars. Listen HERE.