Product Listing 1 – For the Teacher

Mindful Activities or Yoga Pretzels: $15

Each of these best-selling sets are packed with 50 cards featuring colorful illustrations and instructions  for various breathing or visualization exercises, yoga poses, and learning tools.  Stored in a durable box, all the cards are large and made of a durable material so they will not bend.

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  • Relax Richmond Gift Bundle
  • Decomposition Notebook, 10 × 7.5 OR 7 x 5: $10
  • *Local* Marigold Paper 4×6 NOTES: $7.25
    Lined notebooks with colorful illustrations add a touch of whimsy to any workspace.
  • *Local* Cork Leather Pencil Pouch: $20
    Sewn with sustainable and vegan friendly cork leather in Richmond VA.  Did you know?  Cork has natural anti-mildew and anti-bacterial qualities.  Also available as small kiss-lock or zipper pouches perfect for cards and cash.