RVA50 Object 34 “Vase, 1902”

Vase, 1902
Glasfabrik Johann Loetz Witwe, Austria
Glass, silver

The glass factory, originally founded in 1836 by Johann Baptist Eisner, was taken over by Susanna Loetz who re-named the company “Glasfabrik Johann Loetz Witwe”.  In the early 20th century Loetz reached the pinnacle of its artistic skills. There was great response to its highly sophisticated glass and it was exported world-wide. Loetz was awarded the Grand Prix at the 1900 Paris World Exhibition.

This example of Loetz glass was a gift to Miss Mary Alice Larcombe of Richmond at the time of her marriage to Blair Burwell Stringfellow in 1902.  In the Art Nouveau style, this piece illustrates the global influence of this European art movement as it reached Richmond in the opening years of the 20th century.

Gift of Mrs. Blair Burwell Stringfellow, Jr., 1961