RVA50 Object 9 “Thomas Jefferson, circa 1895″

“Thomas Jefferson,” circa 1895
Edward Virginius Valentine (1838-1930)
Plaster, paint

The role of the multi-talented Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle County, Virginia, in the development of the state capitol has entered local legend and tradition.  From his diplomatic work representing American interests in Paris and in London, Jefferson was committed to creating new buildings in the ancient classical architectural styles that were the reigning design influences in Europe during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

As the first democratic representational form of government since ancient time, Jefferson believed that a neo-classical city was the most appropriate way to design the new city of Richmond, Virginia.

This 19th century full-length sculptural portrait by Edward Virginius Valentine was said to be an exact likeness by several of Jefferson’s grandchildren who viewed the piece and well remembered his visage.

Gift of the Estate of Edward Virginius Valentine, 1930