Design in Time (Outreach, onsite or virtual)

Join a Valentine Educator to dive into pattern and color while exploring the clothes we wear and the jobs we do. During this program, a Valentine Educator will share objects and stories from the museum’s Costume and Textiles collections, discovering clothing from long ago and today. Students will compare past and present and learn about how community helpers have dressed in the past and today.

Program Objectives: Students will identify colors, shape and designs found in the clothing collection and relate them to their everyday life.’

This program can be modified to meet most grade levels and the Pre-k Creative Curriculum Clothing Unit!

Includes pre-visit materials and videos that provide supplemental content and activities!

Program Type: school program
Grade(s): 2, 1, k, prek
SOL(s): K1, K2, K3, K4, K6; Math K1, K16, 1.1g, 1.1.d, 2nd 2.1e, f, g