Show Us Your Tats!

Famous for cataloging all things River City, the History Center is venturing into a different kind of historical archiving – tattoos.  In 2010, the Today Show ranked Richmond the third most tattooed city in the nation.  Because of this revelation, the History Center is expanding our horizons and archives to include Richmond tattoos.  Terry Brown from Terry Brown Photography has partnered with the History Center to help us capture Richmond’s best ink.  The best photos will become part of our collection and many will be featured in a photo exhibition that is scheduled to open in October of this year.

The first photo session will occur this Sunday, April 22nd and then another is scheduled for Sunday, May 6 with appointments still available.  If you have a tattoo inked by a Richmond artist and would like to be considered for an initial appointment, call me at (804) 649-0711 ext. 322, email or complete an online submission form.  Please include photos of your tattoo(s), the artist’s name and/or the studio.

Thank you to our partners on this project – Style Weekly, Candela Books and Terry Brown Photography.

Photo display above was photographed and created by Terry Brown with Terry Brown Photography.

Domenick Casuccio
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Valentine Richmond History Center