Make a day of it.

From the Museum of the Confederacy to the John Marshall House to the Virginia State Capitol, with its famous Houdoun statue of George Washington, the Court End neighborhood has a lot to offer. Plan a stop or two after you leave us.

Wear comfortable shoes.

You may do a lot of walking, both within the Valentine and on city streets outside, so dress comfortably.

Dress for indoors and out.

Richmond can be warm and humid spring through fall, and summertime is especially warm. However, the Valentine is climate controlled to preserve the artifacts and can be cool, so plan to bring a wrap or light sweater. Check the local Richmond weather forecast.

Prepare the kids.

If you’re planning a visit with children, talk about what they can expect to see. Using this website, ask each child to make a short list of objects they hope to find, and turn the visit into a treasure hunt.

Don’t forget to check the calendar for tours, lectures and special events that may be taking place.