Working in a Renovation Zone

The structural work of the renovations is nearing completion.

New steel I-beams have replaced the temporary supports in the Stettinius Community Galleries.


Imagine sitting at your desk and feeling the vibration of jackhammers below. Significant demolition of walls in our basement and main levels has been occurring just a few feet below curatorial areas. Given the magnitude of this work, we have experienced very little disruption in the regular work of our staff and few signs of the physical changes being made being made below (other than the occasional sound of a jackhammer).

I am pleased to report that the structural work is nearing completion.  Steel I-beams now support places where walls used to be.  The openness of the costume and textile galleries and community galleries is now fully evident.

While the walls may need steel for support, equally important is the support of our amazing curatorial team at the Valentine.

Dusting Staircase

Janet Lundy, Museum Technician, dusts the Wickham House staircase.


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-Bill Martin, Director