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Controversy/History Returns!

Starting November 6, the Controversy/History series returns to explore present-day issues facing
the Richmond community by pairing historic debates with modern data.


Monumental examines the history, context and role of public
monuments in Richmond. This timely exhibition seeks to engage
in meaningful discussions about what we have chosen to
commemorate and what we have chosen to forget.

Pandemic: Richmond

Stories of life-saving progress collide with racial and social disparities
in Pandemic: Richmond. From influenza to HIV/AIDS, this exhibition
investigates how Richmonders have fought silent, invisible
enemies and tells their stories of both loss and survival.

Pretty Powerful

In a superb display of fashion from the 19th century to the present day,
Pretty Powerful: Fashion and Virginia Womenexamines the role of
fashion in the professional, creative and social advancement of women
in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond History Tours

For Richmond natives and visitors alike, the Valentine’s walking tours
explore the history and evolution of the city.Our tours go beyond
the highlights,uncovering each neighborhood’s best-kept secrets
while sharing the stories of residents and history makers. Tickets
can now be purchased online.

Facility Rental

We offer multiple beautiful rental spaces to
accommodate a variety of needs, from meetings to
weddings to private events.

Visit the Valentine Store!

Featuring many local artisans, you will find a carefully curated collection of
books, jewelry, home accessories, notecards, children’s items and so much more.