Mission & Values


The mission of the Valentine is to engage, educate, and challenge a diverse audience by collecting, preserving, and interpreting Richmond’s history.

The Valentine is the place for people to gather in a common pursuit of understanding and truth. This truth is found in our research and collections, our exhibitions and programs, and in our commitment to honest dialogue and discovery.

The Valentine also remains committed to telling new and untold stories that fully recognize the diverse history of the region and to building accessibility into exhibitions and programming.


  • Being inclusive
  • Meeting or exceeding accreditation standards
  • Being proactive, outreaching, and customer-focused
  • Acting as a good community partner
  • Being creative and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Being ethical
  • Being accountable – measuring outcomes and impacts
  • Being good stewards of entrusted resources including the organization, funds, and collections
  • Acting in a fiscally responsible manner