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Discover Richmond Stories through educational resources from the Valentine's unique collection of objects, textiles and archival materials that document our region’s complex history.

Pen and ink drawing of Maggie L. Walker from the chest up. She is looking to the side and has one hand under her chin.

Maggie L. Walker: Richmond History Maker

Maggie L. Walker – a mother, a leader, a civil rights activist, an entrepreneur, a Richmonder.

View of the Valentine Studio with sculptures in the foreground and along the walls of the space with a large, arched window in one wall.

Edward Valentine's Sculpture Studio

A Quick Look: For thirty-nine years, Edward V. Valentine created some of his most well-known sculptures in the carriage house turned studio at 809 East Leigh Street in Richmond.

Building is on fire with flame coming out of it. People are escaping through the windows. More people are on the ground in front of the fire having already escaped. It reads below the picture

1811 Richmond Theater Fire

Richmond Theater Fire in 1811 that killed 72 people including the governor of Virginia.

Richmond Timeline

Explore Richmond history using our interactive timeline that features events and stories using objects, documents and images from the Valentine’s collection.

interactive timeline preview

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Sculpting History at the Valentine Studio

Explore online resources related to the Valentine’s upcoming exhibition, Sculpting History at the Valentine Studio: Art, Power and the “Lost Cause” American Myth.

Richmond Stories Podcast

Presented by the Valentine, the only museum dedicated to sharing Richmond’s challenging history, Richmond Stories uses conversations with change-makers, advocates, leaders and residents to explore the past, present and future of this (very) complicated place we call home.