History Talks

Discover Richmond’s storied past with these programs based on the Valentine’s extensive collection of photographs and primary sources, available at our site or yours. All programs are one hour in length and cost $80. Financial aid is available for qualifying non-profit and community groups. To schedule a program, fill out the request form below, email education@thevalentine.org or call 804-649-0711 xt. 301.



2023-2024 Richmond History Talks


A Tale of Two Stores

Revisit the glory days of Richmond’s downtown as a shopping and social destination through two of Richmond’s former department stores.


Ballot Battle: Richmond’s Struggle for Women’s Suffrage

Highlighting the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, this program profiles five Richmond viewpoints and the tensions exposed by the fight for women’s suffrage.


Congregating Faith

Across Richmond, communities emerged and developed based on shared beliefs, traditions and places of worship. Explore the diverse faith traditions that make Richmond the city that it is today.


Developing Richmond: The City Through Photography

Using historic imagery from the Valentine’s Archives, this program focuses on the power of photography to capture an evolving city.


Discover Richmond’s Faces & Places

Get to know some of the iconic people and places that shaped Richmond history and its landmarks.


Faces of Freedom, Stories of Service

Hear stories of joy and sorrow, prosperity and sacrifice, from diverse Richmonders who served. This program highlights the stories of veterans of many conflicts- from world wars, to current times.


Integration & Civil Rights in Richmond

Explore the harsh realities of Jim Crow, segregation and integration across the Richmond region and learn how individuals and communities pushed back to spark change nationally.


Leading Women of Richmond Part 1: Pre-Colonial to the Civil War

Beginning with the region’s first inhabitants, women have played a crucial role in the community’s development. Learn how these early women laid the foundation for our city today.


Leading Women of Richmond Part 2: Post Civil War through Present

Continue the discussions of leading Richmond women by exploring those whose work in education, literature, suffrage, philanthropy and more pushed boundaries, instigated change and transformed life for us all.


Richmond at Play

From sledding at Forest Hill Park to tennis in the street, dive into some of the recreational activities Richmonders have enjoyed over the decades.


Rosie the Riveter: The Homefront during WWII

During World War II, women began working in defense factories throughout Virginia and the nation. Explore their lives, their stories and their enduring impact on our city and nation.


Soul of a Community

Explore how Black Richmonders have redefined the River City and inspired a region and nation.