Richmond Stories | Episode 2

Controversy/History – Beyond Law & Order: Building Community

In January of 2024, the Valentine will open a new exhibition, “Sculpting History,” which explores the myth of the Lost Cause through the lens of power. In this season of Controversy/History, we’ll explore the future of the big themes introduced in this new exhibition- education, violence, politics, religion and media – and consider the ideas and institutions of the past that still shape our community today. Join us as we imagine a fresh future grounded in a commitment to seeking truth, building community and serving the greater good.  How can we create a future for Richmond that creates greater opportunity for all?

The series is co-hosted by Valentine Director Bill Martin, Kelli Lemon (of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Virginia Video Network), and “Sculpting History” co-curator Josh Epperson. Each event will feature a diverse panel of thought leaders carefully selected to address the specific subject matter. Attendees can look forward to interactive discussions, lively debates, and the chance to have their voices heard in the conversations that matter most to our community’s past, present, and future.

Panelists for November 2, 2023:

Dr. Ram Bhagat – a longtime educator, arts innovator, peacemaker, and community healer; Founder and Director, Drums No Guns Foundation
Sylvia Clute – President and Executive Director, Alliance for Unitive Justice
Dre’mon Miller – Criminal Justice Educator and Founder, Street Smartz Over Safety
Lorraine Wright – Violence Prevention Manager, Richmond & Henrico Health Districts and Executive Director, I Vote For Me

Controversy/History is sponsored by Altria, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo and supported through a media partnership with the Richmond Times Dispatch and Virginia Video Network.