School Partnership Programs

Young Historians in the Field

We collaborate with a select number of schools each year to design project-based learning experiences for their students. Using primary sources documents from museum’s collection and guidance from our Education staff, we’ll work together to sharpen your students’ research and literacy skills during this multi-visit outreach program.


Previous projects include:

“I loved looking at what it was like in the past and I enjoyed seeing how neighborhoods have changed. I liked seeing what the fan is like now after seeing the old maps.”
—-7th Grade Student at Dogwood Middle School

School Partnership Programs Fees & Details

  • Fees and length based on program development.
  • Programs are always free for RPS and Title 1 schools. Funding available based on need for other programs upon request.
  • Questions? Call 804-649-0711 ext. 317 or email


Exhibit window for Cary Elementary. "Looking to a Green Future: Fourth & Fifth Grade: Planting Seeds of the Future with STEAM" includes pictures and text panels.

The Bellevue Story: Curated by the students at Bellevue. Shows a wall with a timeline on it. Also some purple and gold balloons.

Timeline on wall with images and text panels.