Figures of Freedom: Shockoe Bottom Tour

Step into the past in Shockoe Bottom, one of Richmond’s oldest historic districts, to explore the struggles for freedom that helped shape America.

Students discover stories of Richmond’s earliest Indigenous inhabitants, enslaved people fighting to be free, Thomas Jefferson’s historic Statute of Religious Freedom, Dr. Mary Walker’s demands for equality for women and more. Includes a tour of the Valentine First Freedom Center along with stops at the Henry “Box” Brown monument, the African Burial Ground and the Devil’s Half-Acre.

Program Objectives: In addition to learning about stories of freedom in Shockoe Bottom and Richmond, students will learn about and evaluate George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights, Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, and James Madison’s leadership role in securing adoption of the Bill of Rights by the First Congress.

Available as:

  • Walking Tour



Program Fees & Details:

  • 90 minute walking or bus tour | $75 flat rate
  • Programs are always free for RPS and Title 1 schools. Funding available based on need for other programs upon request.
  • Questions? Call 804-649-0711 ext. 317 or email

Grade Level

High, Middle


VS. 2, VS.5, VS.8, USI.1, VUS.1, VUS.6,

Time Period

1000-1600: Early Indigenous, 1600-1775: Colonial, 1775-1784: Revolutionary, 1785-1850: Building America, 1850-1865: Civil War Period, 1866-1870: Reconstruction, 1871-1899: Post Reconstruction, 1900-1950: Early 20th Century, 1951-1999: Late 20th Century

Program Type

City Walking Tour