Civil Rights Richmond: Housing Discrimination & Redlining

In this programs, students will explore the housing crisis through Richmond’s past in practice, policy and law.

In this programs, students explore how the housing crisis emerged by analyzing primary source documents related to housing discrimination in practice, policy and law. Students will compare redlining maps from the 1930s and identify connections to current issues in our city.  

Program Objectives: Students will examine the negative impact of redlining and segregation on Richmond’s history and development.

Available as:

  • Museum Field Trip
  • In-school Outreach Program
  • Virtual Visit



Program Fees & Details:

  • 60 minute onsite program | $5 per student
  • 60 minute outreach program | $5 per student
  • Virtual visits | $50 flat rate per program
  • Programs are always free for RPS and Title 1 schools. Funding available based on need for other programs upon request.
  • Questions? Call 804-649-0711 ext. 317 or email

Grade Level



USII.1, USII.4, USII.6, VS.1, VS.8, VUS.1, VUS.8, VUS.10, VUS.14, GOVT.1, GOVT.9

Time Period

1900-1950: Early 20th Century, 1951-1999: Late 20th Century, 2000-present: Early 21st Century

Program Type

Offsite, Onsite, Virtual