The Richmond History Makers & Community Update recognizes trailblazers by celebrating their lasting contributions to the Greater Richmond region. The Valentine and the Capital Region Collaborative (CRC) are partnering again to highlight the work of these honorees at a community celebration talking place at Virginia Union University on Tuesday, March 12, and you’re invited! You can purchase tickets HERE.

Here are your 2019 honorees:

Creating Quality Educational Opportunities:
Charleita M. Richardson

Championing Social Justice:
Jill Hanken

Promoting Healthy Communities:
Dolly Hintz

Improving Regional Transportation:

Demonstrating Innovative Economic Solutions:
Candice Streett

Advancing Our Quality of Life (Two Honorees):
Janine Bell & Richmond Triangle Players

These honorees will be recognized at the 2019 Richmond History Makers & Community Update, March 12, 2019, at Virginia Union University. You can purchase tickets HERE.

2019 Sponsors


Deborah W. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hagen, Jr.

Lynn and Neil Kessler
Torrey and David Shuford
Brooks and Jennifer Smith
Ms. Helayne Spivak
Ted and Katie Ukrop
Margaret and Massie Valentine
Tee and Liz Valentine
Scott and Vicki Warren
Charlie and Norvell Whitaker



Ida and Bart Farinholt