Help us honor our hometown heroes at the 2018 Richmond History Makers Celebration & Community Update!

This year, the Valentine’s Richmond History Makers program and the Capital Region Collaborative’s (CRC) Annual Community Update are taking place under the same roof, providing Richmonders with the unique opportunity to honor their hometown heroes while learning more about the progress we have made as a region.

We are proud to celebrate our 2018 honorees at Virginia Union University’s Claude G. Perkins Living and Learning Center on March 13, 2018, 4-6:30 pm.


This year, the Valentine’s nominating categories are aligned with the CRC’s regional priorities, allowing us to better recognize the region-wide impact of these hometown visionaries and get a good look at the faces behind the data. Here are the 2018 Richmond History Makers honorees:

Ashby and Terri Anderson

Creating Quality Educational Opportunities. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Education

Kim Mahan, MAXX Potential

Demonstrating Innovative Solutions. Aligns with CRC Regional Priorities Workforce Preparation, Job Creation, Transportation

Pam Mines, JP JumPers Foundation

Encouraging Regional Collaboration. Aligns with any of the eight CRC Regional Priorities

Diversity Richmond

Championing Social Justice. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Social Stability

Duron Chavis, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Promoting Stronger Communities. Aligns with CRC Regional Priority Healthy Communities


NEW CATEGORY FOR 2018 – Advancing Our Quality of Life. Aligns with CRC Priorities Quality Place, James River, Transportation



Davenport & Company LLC  ·  The Hayes-Nystrom-Sarrett Group  ·  Keiter  ·  Markel  ·  Raymond James & Associates  ·  Richmond Association of Realtors  ·  Strategic Staffing Solutions  ·  Virginia Credit Union  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Whitaker

Deborah W. Davis  ·  FeedMore  ·  Marjorie and Frank Grier  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hagen, Jr.  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Kay  ·  Lynn and Neil Kessler  ·  Mr. and Mrs. David G. Shuford  ·  Ms. Helayne Spivak  ·  Katie and Ted Ukrop  ·  Margaret and Massie Valentine  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Warren  ·  Mr. James L. Weinberg and Ms. Rosann Bocciarelli  ·  George and Cheryl Whitley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stallings in honor of Diversity Richmond  ·  ToMarket

Ms. Neely Markel  ·  Ms. Grace Richardson in honor of Pam Mines  ·  Mr. Lyall Shank  ·  Ms. Thelma Bland Watson in honor of Diversity Richmond

Additional supporters
Richard Conti in honor of CultureWorks  ·  Margaret Talman  ·  Ms. Delona Matthews in honor of CultureWorks