2019 Richmond History Makers & Community Update

Help us honor our hometown heroes by nominating a 2019 history maker as part of the Richmond History Makers & Community Update Program!

Non-profits, businesses, local leaders, public servants, volunteers. Each and every day, our community is impacted, improved and inspired by individuals and groups whose work often goes unnoticed. The Richmond History Makers & Community Update Program aims to highlight these trailblazers by celebrating the lasting contributions they have made to the Greater Richmond region. The Valentine and the Capital Region Collaborative (CRC) are excited to once again partner to highlight the work of six honorees and provide data on the progress we have made as a region.

Honorees will be selected among six categories and each will be recognized at the 2019 Richmond History Makers & Community Update, March 12, 2019, at Virginia Union University.

Nominate your history maker here!

2019 Categories

  • Creating Quality Educational Opportunities. Nominee will have enhanced educational opportunities for citizens, improved academic achievement or ensured a safe, constructive learning environment.
  • Demonstrating Innovative Economic Solutions. From job creation on to workforce preparation, the nominee will have demonstrated an innovative vision in building a more diverse economy and a more stable job market, expanding the talent pipeline or improving the economic vitality of the Region.
  • Improving Regional Transportation. Nominee will have endeavored to work collaboratively to develop solutions that improve efficiency of and access to transportation across jurisdictions.
  • Championing Social Justice. Nominee will have shown a commitment to building social stability, ensuring equal access and promoting increased opportunity for all.
  • Promoting Healthy Communities. Nominee will have worked to address pressing environmental or health issues in order to make lasting improvements that result in stronger, more stable communities.
  • Advancing Our Quality of Life. Nominee will have demonstrated a commitment to increasing access to cultural assets, improving environmental experiences or increasing opportunities for civic engagement – making the Richmond region a better place to live, work and play in the process.