Researching the Collection

The Valentine houses three collections: Archives, General Collection, and Costume & Textiles. If you are interested in learning more about these collections or making an appointment to research objects, please make your request in writing as outlined below. A small portion of our collection is now available for viewing in a complimentary searchable online database.

Research Hours & Fees

Tuesday - Friday, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. by appointment only

$10 per person, per visit (FREE for Valentine Members); includes access to the Archives, admission to the Valentine exhibition galleries and a guided tour of the 1812 John Wickham House. Fees for news media are waived at the discretion of museum staff.  

Costume & Textile Collection Appointments
Appointments are 2 hours and include an 8 object maximum.
$80 per person, per appointment. Members receive 50% discount.

General Collections Appointments
Appointments to view objects in the Valentine’s Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Industrial Artifacts and other object collections.
$40 per person, per hour. Members receive 50% discount.

Off-Site Research
Valentine staff can conduct remote research for you.
$40 per hour. Members receive 50% discount.

Staff consultation, access to the General or Costume & Textile collections, and other services incur additional costs. For a full fee schedule, see Research Fees. For reproduction and rights information, see Photographic Services: Productions and Permission Fees.

Rules for Researching the Collection        

  • All materials will remain in the respective research areas of the Valentine.
  • The use of ink pens for note taking is prohibited. All note taking must be done in pencil.
  • No marks or erasures may be made on the documents or objects.
  • Copies of files are provided for the researcher’s study and educational use only.  There is a fee for any copies made at the Valentine.
  • Researchers will wear gloves provided by staff when handling collection items. 
  • Fees associated with reproductions or other Valentine services are due and payable at the time of service.
  • Photography of collection items or documents is allowed for personal and research use, provided that permission is granted by staff. Lighting, tripods or other photography equipment are prohibited. Flash photography is generally prohibited. Scanners are prohibited. Photographs are bound by the terms of the Valentine Photographic Services: Production and Permission Fees document (see above).
  • Reproductions, replica, imitation, or copies of images and/or objects in the Valentine collection is prohibited without written permission from the Valentine.
  • The researcher is bound by the terms of the Photographic Services: Production and Permission Fees Document, a copy of which is provided at the time of registration.

Researchers are required to complete a Researchers Registration Form prior to accessing the collection acknowledging that they understand and are responsible for observing the above regulations. By signing this form, the researcher acknowledges that a violation of these regulations will result in prohibition from continued use of materials in the Valentine.

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