Wickham House

Collections in the Classroom

Grade Level

Elementary, Pre-K

Time Period

1785-1850: Building America



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Post-visit material, Pre-visit material

Collections in the Classroom: Wickham House

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  • What parts of the house remind your of Greek and Roman design?
  • Why do you think the Wickham’s chose to include Greek and Roman design features in their home?


The Wickham House, in Richmond, Virginia, was built for John and Elizabeth Wickham and their family. Designed by Massachusetts architect, Alexander Parris, in the neoclassical style and located in Richmond’s Court End Neighborhood, the Wickham House features Doric columns, symmetry and arches. The house was home to the Wickhams, their 19 children and approximately 15 Enslaved individuals. Following Elizabeth Wickham’s death in 1853, the house had multiple owners until finally being purchased by the Valentine family for the purpose of creating the Valentine Museum in 1898.