Suffrage Propaganda

Lesson Plan: Compare and contrast two primary source suffrage era postcards through the lens of basic propaganda techniques used in the suffrage debate.

Grade Level

High, Middle


History & Social Sciences USII.1, USII.4, CE.1, CE.3, VUS.8, English 6.6, 6.7,7.6, 7.7, 8.6 and 8.7

Time Period

1900-1950: Early 20th Century


Civil rights, Suffrage

Resource Type

Lesson Plan
Postcard reads "The Woman's Suffrage" and has a man with ripped shirt and pants. Beside him it reads "This is how it will be when the Woman's Suffrage get in power
Anti-woman’s suffrage postcard, V.76.185.13, The Valentine.

Essential Questions

  • What is propaganda? How is it used to persuade?  
  • How has propaganda been used in the past? How is it used today? 
  • Describe the similarities and differences in the pro-suffrage postcard and in the anti-suffrage postcard.  


Analyzing Suffrage Propaganda Lesson Plan (pdf)

Ballot Battle Suffrage Movement History (pdf)

Votes for Women Suffrage Postcard Examples (pdf)

Postcard Analysis Comparison Chart (pdf)

Key-Postcard Analysis Comparison (pdf)