Controversy History – Social Stability: Voting Rights & Redistricting

X.49.37.43, Women’s Suffrage Rally at Capitol, 1916, The Valentine

We are proud to announce our Controversy/History series! This new take on our long-running Community Conversations will explore contentious, present-day issues by comparing historic debates with modern data.

The first event of the series will focus on voting rights and redistricting using the historic figures Lila Meade Valentine and Sallie May Dooley. Corinna Barrett Lain, the S. D. Roberts & Sandra Moore Professor of Law and Henry L. Chambers Jr., Austin E. Owen Research Scholar & Professor of Law, both from the University of Richmond, will provide on-the-ground data concerning voting rights and redistricting today. Attendees will engage in in-depth conversations and will receive concrete action steps.

We are partnering with the Capital Region Collaborative and aligning our discussion topics with their regional priorities. We are also proud to partner with radio host Kelli Lemon for our biography segments.