Create a Richmond Resilience Zine

Lesson Plan: Zines are small, self-published books, usually created by hand using simple supplies like pen and paper. In this activity, we’ll walk you through creating your own mini-book about the theme of resilience in Richmond.

Grade Level

Elementary, High, Middle

Time Period

2000-present: Early 21st Century



Resource Type

Lesson Plan


Scissors, paper, pens/ pencil. Optional: markers or colored pencils, stickers, stamps or any other art supplies you may have available.


Richmond Resilience Zine Instructions (pdf)

Zine Making Template (pdf)

Make Your Own Zine Instructions (YouTube)

Magazine stand full of magazines with a cat sprawled across one shelf.
Magazine stand cat, 1987, Robin Layton, Richmond Times-Dispatch Photograph Collection, V.91.04.07/PHC0076, The Valentine.