RVA50 Object 16 “Tall-Case Clock, circa 1810”

Tall-Case Clock, circa 1810
Movement:  William McCabe, Richmond, Virginia
Case:  Unidentified Cabinetmaker
Mahogany, brass, tin

This early 19th century-style Georgian tall-case clock is inscribed “William McCabe, Richmond.”  William McCabe is believed to have been active as a clockmaker and retailer of New England clocks and timepieces around 1790-1820.  The emerging city of Richmond was a vital center of production and industry as well as commerce for all manner of goods and services in the early 1800s.  Richmond products were nationally and globally exported as part of a large and lucrative trade network.

A tall-case clock, also known as a long-case or “grandfather” clock, is a free-standing, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside the tower, or waist, of the case.  William Clement of Great Britain is credited with inventing the form around 1670.

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton Valentine, 1960