Richmond and Redlining












Students will explore the Valentine’s This is Richmond, VA exhibition along with materials from the museum’s archives to examine the similarities between real life in Richmond and the national narrative discussed in the Lorraine Hansbury play, Raisin in the Sun. Using Valentine exhibitions, primary sources and archival materials, students will think critically about local examples of themes from the play, redlining and housing segregation, and their impact on Richmond historically through present day.

Program Objectives: Students will analyze archival materials and compare and contrast to the historical narrative presented in the Lorraine Hansbury play Raisin in the Sun to understand how how issues surrounding redlining and housing segregation played out in Virginia’s capitol city.

Program can be augmented for groups who have not yet read Raisin in the Sun.


Program Type: school program
Grade(s): 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
SOL(s): English 9.4, 10.1, 10.5; Social Studies: VUS.13 a, b, c,; VUS.14 a, b