Calling all Richmond Students!

Richmond area students experiencing a historic period –  living through the COVID-19 pandemic, watching the removal of monuments on Richmond’s Monument Avenue,  observing political and civil unrest all while dealing with virtual school.  What questions have come to mind in reflecting on your experiences? How do you feel about virtual school?  How have your friendships and relationships with your classmates changed? What are you thoughts about the news? The recent elections? The Valentine wants to hear from you! Stories, journals, drawings and pictures created by kids today will tell future generations about how life in the Richmond Region changed in the Spring of 2020.

Send us your stories and we may post your experiences on our website and on social media so that we can share the story of what life was like for students in Richmond during this period.

How to submit your story

Submit your stories online through the form below. Submissions may be audio, video, photographs, drawings and journal entries, and must be created by Richmond region students in grades K-12. The Valentine will share submissions on social media and our website. Submissions may also be added to the Valentine’s collection and could be used in future exhibitions and programming.

Please note that the submission form requires you login with a Gmail account. If you do not wish to use a Gmail account, you can email your submission to Please try to include answers to the questions from the form in your email if possible.

Need Ideas?

Here are some prompts to help you start thinking about this historic period.

  • Tell us why you are out of school. How does the news make you feel?
  • Take a photo or draw something you saw today that you think is important.
  • Talk, text or call an older neighbor, friend or relative. Ask them about an historic event they can remember from when they were a kid.
  • Show or tell us what is going on in your home or neighborhood this week.

You could interview your family about their week, document your day with a photo journal, draw and illustrate a map of your home, write a poem or story about your experience while you are out of school. Get creative! We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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Questions? Email us at